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Sailing Distances Calculator

Planning you next sailing holiday, taking a milebuilding trip? We have whipped up this little online sailing distance calculator using google maps to let you calculate rough distances in nautical miles between the various Greek islands. You can easily share your map with your crew so that everybody can easily see the route you are planning to take. The simple instructions are just center the map where you want to sail and start clicking, detailed instructions below the map!

To centre the map on the main sailing areas of Greece simply select here:
Cyclades, Saronic Gulf, Ionian Islands, Dodecanese, Sporades

Want to look at some other popular sailing areas? Here are a couple of quick links to try: Canary Islands, The Bahamas, British Virgin Islands.

Total Nautical Miles:

Detailed instructions for our sailing calculator:

  • centre the map on your desired sailing area by clicking (holding) and dragging
  • once you are seeing your desired islands, start clicking them in the order you plan to sail
  • the map will automatically update to show the estimated nautical miles of the whole trip
  • to remove the last point, simply click the button below the map ‘Clear last’
  • to clear the whole map and start again, click ‘Clear map’
  • if needed, click ‘Zoom to fit’ to show the entire sailing route
  • You can send your map to friends via email or social media by clicking ‘Send To A Friend’

Now you know the distances in nautical miles, how long is it going to take to sail there? Below is a rough guide to mean speeds in nautical miles per hour for various boat lengths. These speeds are estimated for winds of 4 to 5 beaufort and wave heights of up to 1.5 meters and assume a comfortable cruising speed on a fully loaded boat. Speeds can be higher, depending on your sailing skills 🙂

Boat Length (in feet) Mean Speed NM/H Our Yachts
35,1 – 37,1 4,5 to 5 nm/h Mickey and Piccolo
40 – 41 5 to 5,5 nm/h Aina and Selene
46 – 48 6,5 to 7 nm/h Emmanouel and Nestor
50+ 7,5 to 8 nm/h Anna I, Anna II, Sapho and Kontiki

Not sure where to go? For some suggested sailing routes from our Athens base for both one and two week sailing charters have a look at our greek island charter routes for a little inspiration, we look forward to welcoming you to Greece soon!

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