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Sailing Route – Cyclades Islands I

If you have more than a week to spend sailing the Cyclades then you can take in all the islands in our Northern & Middle Cyclades itinerary and then extend it to Mykonos, Naxos, Schinoussa, Ios, Folegandros, Milos and Sifnos. That is a lot of classic Greek islands, each offering something unique and different!

A brief description of the additional islands and their highlights are included below along with a relevant map with sailing distances and some suggested links for further information. Happy sailing!


From To Distance
Alimos marina Cape Sounio 23 NM
Cape Sounio Kea 14 NM
Kea Syros (Finikas) 41 NM
Syros (Finikas) Mykonos 25 NM
Mykonos Naxos 23 NM
Naxos Skinoussa 19 NM
Skinoussa Ios 19 NM
Ios Folegandros 18 NM
Folegandros Milos 37 NM
Milos Sifnos 24 NM
Sifnos Serifos 12 NM
Serifos Kythnos 23 NM
Kythnos Poros 46 NM
Poros Alimos marina 29 NM
Distance is measured in nautical miles (NM)

The islands in detail

Mykonos, perhaps the most famous of all the Cycladic islands with its great beaches, beautiful architecture and windmills and well known nightlife! Mykonos has something for everyone and is rightly on almost all greek island charter itineraries.

Naxos is the largest of the Cycladic islands and has a great variety of landscapes and things to do. Highlights for sightseeing include the gate or 'Portara' to the ancient Temple of Apollo, the Temple of the Goddess Dimitra in Saggri, the Venetian Castle in Naxos Town and the archeological museum also in Naxos town.

Schinoussa is one of a group of extremely small and extremely laid back islands off the south coast of Naxos. Relaxing, relaxing and more relaxing is what you will mainly be doing here, along with a bit of swimming and eating of course!

Along with Mykonos, Ios is well known for its lively nightlife, but there is a lot more to Ios than just bars and nightclubs which in the main part are restricted to the main towns. Visit the big beaches on the east coast for a very different view of Ios!

Folegandros is a small island that has become very fashionable in the last years, particularly to Greek tourists in the know. With only a couple of Folegandros' beaches accessible by car those who dont mind a bit of a hike (or perhaps have a sailing boat!) will find lovely beaches without the crush at all times of the year!

Milos is another very popular island for the sailing crowd with a great selection on things to do and see, incredibly scenic beaches and the popular coastline around 'Kleftiko' which is always a hit with the sailors. In our opinion, Milos really is not to be missed.

…. we will sound like we are repeating ourselves! Mountainous Sifnos is another beautiful Cycladic island. A bit off the main package tourist trail Sifnos still has plenty of nightlife, great beaches and stunning scenery.

רשימת הסירות שלנו להשכרה

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סירות להשכרה או בתוספת סקיפר

לפי צרכי הלקוח או הקבוצה.
השטה של סירות להשכרה דורשת לפחות שאחד מהקבוצה השוכרת הוא בעל רישיוןבין לאומי שבתוקף או רישיון ארצי דומה.

נדרש שלפחות שייט נוסף בקבוצה יהיה בעל ידע בסיסי בעקרונות השייט
במידה ואתה חדש בעיסוק או מעוניין במנוחה מוחלטת לשם כך אנו עובדים
עם קבוצה מובחרת של סקיפרים אשר ישמחו להראות לך את מיטב האיים היוניים ;ללא קשר לבחירתך.

צור איתנו קשר בכל שאלה ואנו נשמח לעזור

על הסירות שלנו

אנו שומרים על היאכטות שלנו כרכושינו הפרטי….כי הן באמת שלנו.

אנו הבעלים בפרטיים של כל הסירות שאנו משכירים אז אתם יכולים לסמוך על מחירים נוחים

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